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Common Problem with Drug Returns

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

At some point, most manufacturers will find themselves in the situation of having to award credit for a large quantity of "surprise" returns, which can wreak havoc on a company's financial reports. Many struggle to establish accurate returns accruals because of a lack of visibility to the expiration dates of the inventory in their supply chain. I've heard nightmare stories from manufacturers who received unexpected $5M, $8M and $12M returns credit requests on the last day of the quarter! Trust me when I tell you, that is not a fun conversation when the CFO calls you into her office to explain that one! Upcoming serialization legislation is about to change all that for those prepared to seize the opportunity for more visibility. With the right plan and partner, manufacturers will soon be able to know precisely what and when to expect returns for credit.

VineMeds LLC is leading this digitized supply chain evolution. Contact us for your personalized demo with your own data!

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